Why invest in Property?

It’s a harsh fact, but too many Australians finish their working lives without enough savings or investments to sustain them through retirement.  According to the Financial Services Council, “Australians have a $1 trillion shortfall in retirement savings“.

The age pension may provide a very modest income supplement for some people, but after working all your life, a pension lifestyle is not what most people would aspire to.

The alternative is taking charge of your own finances for today and the future, which can offer you so much more. It might be worth asking yourself a few questions:

  • Are you making ends meet day to day?
  • Do you want to pay off your mortgage faster?
  • Are you happy to pay an average of 40% of your earning as Tax over your lifetime?
  • Can you afford an education for your children?…vehicle repairs or replacement?…home renovations?
  • Will you be able to afford a good lifestyle in retirement?…or do you even know what that would cost you?
  • Will you be able to help your children with a deposit on their first home?
  • Can you afford to do all of the above and still live for today?

Financial independence means owning investments capable of generating sufficient income to support you for life. We understand the important fundamentals that differentiate the best investment properties for returns and capital growth.

Where would you choose to be in retirement? Financially independent, or watching every dollar? Property Tutor can help you make your financial and lifestyle goals an attainable reality.