Property Tutor Process

Seek a direction and understanding of property investment
Discover a pathway toward your financial goals
We help you acquire the ideal property to suit your investment needs
Our ongoing support is what sets Property Tutor apart


Your journey towards financial freedom starts here….

You seek knowledge,
or seek direction,
and seek the possibilities.

Once you’ve started seeking information, then you have started the journey; and you are already a step ahead of so many others who never get around to planning for a secure financial future.

Property Tutor gives you the information, direction and support you need on the journey towards achieving your financial goals.


Our goal is to enable you to discover an investment pathway that leads you to your long-term financial goals.

But the first step is discovering yourself:

  • clarifying your goals,
  • understanding your needs,
  • recognising your potential.

After all, before you plan a journey, you need to know your starting point. Everyone’s situation is different, and we help you discover a strategy to suit your unique individual circumstances.

With Property Tutor as your guide, your investment education will help you discover the world of property investment possibilities.


With goals and plans, you’re almost in the race.

Helping you take that all-important step to implement your carefully designed plans – to make your goals start happening – is where our clients most value our expertise and assistance.

We are your guiding hand when it really counts.

We provide you with the research and the information to help you focus your search and acquire the right type of property that best matches your unique circumstances, putting you in the best position to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals.


Our legendary ongoing support is what sets Property Tutor apart.

We take great pride in maintaining a long-term connection with our clients; providing ongoing support, information and assistance throughout their investment timeframe – whether buying their first property – or sixth – and anywhere in between!

We continually monitor property markets and keep you informed with regular updates:

  • newsletters
  • annual reviews of your investment progress.
  • access to our ongoing educational services and workshops,

With Property Tutor by your side, you’re never alone in your ongoing journey towards financial freedom.